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thisPlace is a trauma informed dance theatre company based in Cardiff. We work with stories that arise from the body through movement, improvisation, theatre and play. In collaboration with communities, thisPlace hopes to reveal and reimagine these stories through a creative process grounded in compassion for self, others and the world.

We understand trauma as the response to deeply distressing experiences. This response is always situated in the body. So, our trauma informed approach centres on our bodies and ways in which to resist re-traumatisation. 

We recognise the importance of community and the need for co-regulating with others. 
We do all this by offering a place that is safe and hopeful but also a place where we can meet the challenging. 
This is the foundation of our trauma informed practice but we acknowledge that we will always be learning and exploring new ways of developing this work.

What We Do

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We partner with organisations and charities to develop trauma-informed projects that weave together a variety of creative practices from dance to poetry to theatre to drawing. Sometimes these projects are about devising performances. Sometimes they are about the process of being together and having space to make and move and be. See our Projects section for more information on our recent work. 

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To bring people into community using the arts in a relational, compassionate and trauma informed way

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a world where everyone experiences a felt sense of connection

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Fairness • Access • Authenticity • Compassion • Empathy

thisPlace adopts the Trauma Framework Cymru definition of a trauma-informed approach .

A Wales trauma-informed approach recognises that we all may at some point in our lives experience adversity, trauma or distress. To be trauma-informed, all individuals, communities, organisations and systems in Welsh society will understand behaviour as communication, and recognise and understand the impact of cultural, gender and historic inequalities, and social injustice and their causal link with experiences of trauma.

It is an approach where a person, family, community, organisation, service or system takes account of the widespread impact of adversity and trauma and understands potential ways of preventing, healing and overcoming this as an individual or with the support of others, including communities and services.

Collectively, we will seek to be non-judgemental, kind and compassionate, promoting resilience and strength as collective rather than individual resources. We will understand the importance of safety and trust in addressing adversity, trauma and distress.

Trauma Informed Framework

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